SEND Information

The aim of Stanchester Academy is to maximise the academic attainment and personal achievement of all students, and to create a culture of achievement in which all students can thrive. The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is seen as an entitlement and should be accessible to all students regardless of their abilities.

Our underlying principle is that the needs of children should be met as far as is reasonably possible within the mainstream classroom, by the class teacher. It is the responsibility of all teachers to respond to student’s diverse learning needs and to make provision within their planning and delivery to meet these needs.

Please see our SEN Information Report 2023/24 for more information.

Click here to view the BTCT SEND Policy

Liam McLaughlin is the SENCo and he can be contacted by telephone or email via the school office: or 01935 823200.

To find out more about services available in Somerset for children and young people with SEN please click here.