Knowledge Organisers

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Knowledge organisers contain all the essential knowledge from a particular unit on one page. Students need to be fluent in recalling this knowledge to be successful in applying it and developing skills.  At Stanchester, we have carefully designed our knowledge organisers so that they are an optimal learning and revision resource:

  • The definitions are as concise as possible, to make them easier to learn
  • Knowledge is set out in a table, so that it is easier to cover and test yourself using the 'look, cover, write, check' self-quizzing technique
  • All subjects have the same layout: black and white, with images only being used when they add learning value. This is to reduce extraneous load and distractions and enables you to focus solely on the content you are learning.
  • The chunks of knowledge are organised and numbered, for easy reference and future revision

We practice learning and revising the chunks from our knowledge organisers in homework, retrieval-based starter tasks, and through lots of practice and application in class. The most effective way to learn is through a process called self-quizzing. Please watch this video guide on how to self-quiz effectively:

Here is a presentation on the cognitive science behind how we learn, how we have adapted our knowledge organisers, and teaching with this in mind, and how to get started with self-quizzing:

Knowledge Organisers Powerpoint