Stanchester Academy Uniform

Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps allow students to feel pride in their school. It also ensures students are not put under any pressure because of the type of clothes they wear and all are treated equally. It also helps prepare students for life after school where many will have to dress smartly for work.

We expect all students to be in correct uniform at all times. We also want to support you in buying affordable, good quality clothing for school which your children accept they have to wear because the rules are very clear. We want to make it easier for parents and help reduce any issues there may be over what is and isn’t acceptable uniform. If you want to buy uniform from another store or online, that is acceptable, but it must match the uniform on the guidance below exactly, making the process of getting the right uniform even easier.


  • Black trousers. Jeans are not permitted.  (please see overleaf for guidance).
  • Tailored Shorts
  • Leggings are permitted only when worn under a skirt and with socks which must cover the bottom of the leggings
  • Black skirt (no splits) skirt is not shorter than two inches above your knee.
  • White shirt/blouse with fastening top button
  • Stanchester Academy tie
  • Black Stanchester Academy V-neck jumper with school logo or black Stanchester Academy round neck sweatshirt with logo. Sports jumpers and any other jumpers are not permitted.
  • Black polishable footwear (please see overleaf for guidance)
  • Black/white socks
  • Black or nude tights
  • Black shorts
  • Waterproof outdoor coat, no sweatshirt material or hoodies
  • Appropriate school bag to fit all school equipment in


Compulsory Items:

  • White polo shirt with Stanchester logo or plain white t-shirt
  • Shorts with Stanchester logo
  • Black football socks
  • Stanchester Rugby Shirt
  • Football boots
  • Training shoes

Optional Items:

  • Skort with Stanchester logo (Optional item for girls instead of shorts)
  • Tracksuit bottoms with Stanchester logo or black jogging bottoms
  • Tracksuit top with Stanchester logo
  • Plain black sports leggings

Stanchester leggings can be purchased through the website below

IMPORTANT – PLEASE HELP US TO HELP YOU: Please label your uniform, PE kit and personal items with your child’s full name in permanent ink so that we can identify any lost property and return it to you promptly. It is also useful to have your child’s name on their school bag, pencil case, coat and PE bag.


  • Discrete make-up only
  • Nail varnish is allowed to be worn but false or acrylic nails are not permitted and parents will be asked to support with removal.
  • Students are not allowed to wear extreme unconventional hairstyles
  • Only conventional natural colouring is allowed.  The Academy reserves the right to decide what is extreme and unconventional but invites students and parents to ask in advance if they need guidance prior to having a significant change in style or colour.


  • No more than two small studs, gold or silver, in each ear.
  • Key Stage 4 students (Year 10 and 11) will be permitted to wear one retainer stud in their nose only; this should be discrete and see through nose rings are not permitted.
  • Students in KS3 (Year 7, 8 and 9) are not permitted to wear facial piercings and will not be allowed into lessons If they have any other piercings, parents will be contacted and the piercing will need to be removed. Plasters to cover piercings or clear piercings are not acceptable.
  • A wristwatch is allowed but not into exams.

Other items of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, studs (including face and tongue piercings or ear stretchers), bracelets, wrist bands, or similar jewellery must not be worn. The only exceptions are medical bracelets and necklaces.

School ties and all uniform items containing our logo are available to purchase from:

South West Schoolwear, 10 Wine Street, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1PW

Items can also be ordered online at:

School jumpers and polo shirts embroidered with the school logo can also be purchased at: