Y11 Raising Achievement

Year 11 is an important year and effective revision is a crucial strategy for making the most progress. At Stanchester Academy we encourage our students to build a habit of revision from Year 7 onwards, and in particular put a focus on raising achievement in Years 10 and 11. Below are some useful resources to help support your revision at home along with a schedule of afterschool RA (raising achievement) sessions. 

Year 11 Revision Guide - click here for detailed guidance on a number of exam revision strategies, along with space to plan your revision schedule and track your progress across subjects.

Year 11 Exam Revision Evening Presentation - click here helpful advice to parents and students about how to prepare for the upcoming exams, along with specific guidance and links for core subjects.

GCSE Pod - Our Year 11 students have access to GCSE Pod, a fantastic online platform that provides short podcast videos about the content of GCSE subjects, along with carefully designed questioning to help assess students knowledge and skills. Visit www.gcsepod.com and sign in using your school student login details.

Afterschool RA - To support our students as they approach their summer exams we offer a number of afterschool RA (raising achievement) sessions. For the first half of the Summer Term, please find the schedule of sessions below.