Staff will aim to reply within 48 hours.

Please, always copy in so we can ensure your enquiry is responded to (for example, in the case of staff absence).  

Name Role Email Address
Miss Ellie Forward Headteacher Please send enquiries to
Mrs Gemma Glentworth Designated Safeguarding Lead Currently on maternity leave
Mr Jason Young Deputy Headteacher
Mr Luke Winter Deputy Headteacher
Miss Rachel Wellfair Assistant Headteacher
Mr Rob Mitchell Assistant Headteacher
Mr Jonathan Belcher SENCO
Miss Teresa Priest Head of Year 7
Ms Julie Butler Head of Year 8
Mr Tom Howchin Head of Year 9
Mr Andy Meadows Head of year 10
Miss Vicki Cornish Head of Year 11


Form Tutor Contact Information

Name Tutor Group Email Address
Mrs Hendry 7RH

Ms Sayer 7KS

Miss Parry 7AP

Mr Cox 7DC
Miss Beaumont 7MB

Miss Watts 7KW


Year 8

Name  Tutor Group Email Address
Mrs Symons Jones 8HS

Mr Hext 8JH

Mr Burfitt 8AB  
Mr Moth 8AMO

Mr Garrido 8EG
Mr Barrow 8SB


Year 9 

Name Tutor Group Email Address
Mr Weymouth 9RWE  
Mr Kilminster 9NK  

Mr Moore 9SM

Miss Clark 9MCL

Mrs Hyde 9HH
Mr Guise 9SG


Year 10

Name Tutor Group Email Address
Mrs Watts 10LW

Mr Auger 10NA
Ms Smith 10CM (SS)
Miss Small 10HSM
Mr Woollard 10DW


Year 11

Name Tutor Group Email Address
Mrs Wells 11MW
Ms Willetts 11RWi  

Miss Glass 11JG
Ms Gray 11ZG

Miss Burrow 11JB