We aspire to be amongst the best, not just out of a healthy competitive spirit, but because it is our duty to foster and pursue this commitment for our learners and learning community.

We strive to be a school known for a productive and welcoming atmosphere, to value achievement but also strongly promote personal development.  School should be a preparation for later life, and learning self-respect, consideration for others, and the consequences of our own actions, helps develop a sense of duty, citizenship and belonging.

Success will always depend on good communication between school and home, and we never under-estimate the crucial role of parents and guardians.

We will do our utmost to flag issues early, and I would ask you to do the same by contacting us and working with us to find solutions.

We all know the importance of a safe, happy environment for your child to learn and thrive in their journey to adulthood. We challenge all of our students to aim high, and meet our own high expectations.

At Stanchester we believe:

  • In respect and support for every individual, regardless of background or ability
  • There are “no excuses” for poor behaviour or attitude
  • We all take responsibility for our own actions
  • Bullying is not acceptable
  • Your child and every child has the right to learn
  • Every student should participate, aim high and give of his or her best
  • In life-long learning: a state of mind to help young people thrive in an ever-changing world

If this all sounds like what you want for your child, you have made the right choice.

To find out more, contact the school to talk about your child joining us.