Parent Update 9 October

Released On 9th Oct 2020

Parent Update 9 October

9 October 2020

Dear Parent

Parent Update

What a fantastic day we have had today. It has created a strange sense of ‘normality’ across the school in terms of everyone taking part in an event together – albeit in their own bubbles, but a common theme for all and a shared sense of togetherness as all students carried out their lessons related to tomorrow’s World Mental Health Day and the schools event of #HelloYellow today. Look out for some great photos on our social media page this evening.

The day has also given us an opportunity to try out a consistent structure across all year groups with everyone following the 45 minute lesson pattern that Year 11 successfully began when they returned to us in June of their Year 10. If we can manage a consistent structure but retain the bubbles and different break times, we will be able to create a long term timetable that assumes we will not return to ‘normal’ this academic year.

Primary School Meetings

I have been delighted this week to introduce our Head Girl, Head Boy, their Deputies and Assistants to our Year 6 children in our feeder primary schools this week. Every year I visit the Year 6 classes with the group of senior students to share their experiences of secondary school, talk about life at Stanchester and enable the Year 11 students to practice their communication skills and public speaking. Although I am sad we are not able to actually visit schools, it has been lovely to start a series of online ‘meetings’ with the Year 6 classes. Within the next 10 days we have a ‘meeting’ set up with all eight of our Year 6 feeder classes.

Face coverings

Just a reminder please to talk to your children about following government guidelines regarding face coverings.  Face coverings on the buses has improved significantly so thank you for that.  If your children use the shop regularly either before or after school please could you remind them that they should be wearing a face covering in the shop. We have asked tutors to also remind students.  Thank you


Absence related to Covid remains exceptionally low. We have a number of students absent while a family member waits for a test result but again we have no staff currently absent related to symptoms. We are very aware that a number of primary and secondary schools across Somerset have reported positive cases and this seems to be getting closer to South Somerset. We have incident plans in place to enable us to communicate with you very quickly and out of hours should there be a reported positive case linked to the school. 

Phase 2 Timetable

During the Academy day on Friday 16 October we will be sharing the phase 2 timetables with staff.  We expect this timetable to take us through this academic year given that restrictions are not easing but instead tightening. We are very pleased that we have completed a risk assessment to enable us to introduce an element of food and health back into the curriculum – this has not been easy with only one food room in the school but the appointment of additional cleaners and an enormous amount of thought being given to the bubble timetables, we are delighted to get this back on the curriculum. 

We will also have further news on student devices that we aim to purchase ready for phase 2, these will support not only IT lessons but our planned catch up work. PE will also be back though in a very controlled way and following all guidelines, including the need to reduce group sizes and therefore increase staffing levels. Full details of phase 2 will be provided in the last update of this half term on Friday 23 October.

Continuing Communication

From now on we will send an update home every two weeks with the aim that it will take more of a newsletter form – sharing with you all the events, activities and learning that are taking place in school as well as providing crucial updates.

As the weather brightens a bit this afternoon I hope you have a lovely weekend, stay safe and well.

Yours sincerely

Mrs A Joynes