Parent Update 5 March

Released On 5th Mar 2021

Parent Update 5 March

5 March 2021

Dear Parent

Parent Update

With the sun shining brightly over the school this week, there is a sense of excitement and possibility in the air. We are delighted to be able to welcome more students back to school from Monday 8 March with all year groups back by Wednesday 10 March. Full details of the staggered return can be found here.

Please take eight minutes to watch this video with your child here. This will outline arrangements for their return to school next week.

Our two priorities are simple: keeping our school community safe and helping students to make accelerated academic progress. We have taken every precaution to ensure we are able to minimise the spread of infections and, as ever, we are so grateful for the community’s support. This includes our COVID-19 Testing Centre which colleagues have gone above and beyond to set up ready for students’ return. 

Measures to support the safety of all students returning to school

  • Students must wear a facemask if travelling by bus
  • Students must wear a facemask in the corridor
  • Students must wear a facemask in lessons
  • Staff will wear a facemask in lessons where 2m social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Students will continue to be taught in year group bubbles
  • Students will have separate areas at break times within their year group bubbles
  • Students will have separate times in their year group bubbles in order to access the refectory for hot food
  • Every classroom will have access to sanitising gel that students can freely access
  • We will limit all visitors on site so please do not come into school without making an appointment.
  • Seating plans will be in place for all lessons in order to identify close contacts if a student or member of staff tests positive for COVID-19.

Lateral flow testing for COVID-19

Over the first two weeks of term, where we have received permission from parents, students will be tested for Covid 19 using the lateral flow tests. This will happen three times, with gaps of 3-5 days between each test as per the Government’s guidance.

Please can you follow the link below if you wish to give permission for your child to be tested by Sunday 7th March at 5pm.

Lateral flow testing for COVID-19 Timetable

Monday 8 March Tuesday 9 March Wednesday 10 March Thursday 11 March Friday 12 March

Year 7 Return & Test

Year 11 Return & Test

Year 8 Return & Test

Year 10 Return & Test
Year 9 Return & Test

Year 7 2nd Test

Year 11 2nd Test

Year 8 2nd Test

Year 10 2nd Test
Monday 15 March Tuesday 16 March Wednesday 17 March Thursday 18 March Friday 19 March
Year 9 2nd Test

Year 7 3rd Test

Year 11 3rd Test

Year 8 3rd Test

Year 10 3rd Test

Year 9 3rd Test  


Testing will take place in the Main Hall by reception with five students being tested at any one time.

If a student has a positive result, parents will be informed immediately and will need to arrange collection for them as soon as possible. Public health England (PHE) and the Department for Education (DFE) will be informed and advise the school on next steps.

Following the three negative Lateral Flow Tests, parents will then be given a pack to be able to test from home and provide NHS track and trace with details of the result via their website. We will provide these packs directly to students.

Staff will be tested twice weekly at home using the NHS track and trace test kits. You will be informed if a member of staff is tested positive.

County transport

Students need to follow all directions from their bus driver. Any questions about transport should be directed to the local authority transport team. Students will be asked to sit in their year group bubble on the bus.

Refectory Times and Social Spaces

Year 7 – West Block Playground

Year 8 – Main Playground (Sports Hall/Gym)

Year 9 – Tennis Courts at the top of West Block

Year 10 – Westland Wing / East Block

Year 11 – Main Block Quad

If students wish to visit the refectory, they must do so with their year group at their allocated time:

Year 7

11:00 - 11:10
Year 8 11:10 - 11:20
Year 9 13:40 - 13:50
Year 10 13:30 - 13:40
Year 11 13:20 - 13:30



We expect all students to return to school in full uniform. As has been the case all year, if students have PE they should wear their full PE kit to school. The Uniform Policy can be found here or in the Student Planner.


Please ensure your child comes to school with the correct equipment in order to access their lessons as equipment cannot be lent due to COVID-19 safety measures.

  • Pen and spare pen (blue or black)
  • Green pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Scientific calculator
  • Maths equipment

Much like after any long break from school, students are bound to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement about coming back through the gates. However, as soon as they are here, we feel sure it will be as if they never left!

We are all here to support students and families so do get in touch if there is anything you need or if you have any questions. 

Yours sincerely

Tamsin Grainger

Acting Headteacher