Released On 12th Mar 2021

Knowledge Organiser Letter Yrs 9 & 10

12 March 2021

Dear Parents of Years 9 & 10

Knowledge Organiser

We have really enjoyed welcoming your child back to school this week. Since September 2019, our students have had a significant amount of time in lockdown (approximately 110 days) and in addition, some students have missed additional time due to self-isolation or year groups being sent home. This means that many students have lost just over a third of their curriculum time and therefore will have encountered large gaps in their knowledge. One of our plans for addressing these anticipated gaps is to introduce a knowledge organiser, known as a KO (a list of the fundamental knowledge every child will need to know and retain in that subject area). These will be provided for all non-coursework subjects. We will also be teaching students how to self-quiz from these knowledge organisers to help them commit the knowledge to their long-term memory.

To do this students will be given a KO folder with a KO from each subject, as well as a practice book. In addition, students will need to make sure they have a green pen to complete their self-quizzing. They will need to look after this equipment as these simple devices will be a useful tool for unlocking their future success and will make up a useful bank of knowledge towards their end of year exams.

From Monday 15 March, students will be taught how to self-quiz during tutor time. This method follows a ‘look, cover, write, check’ process and needs to be done in a methodical and sustained way to be effective. It also needs to be done regularly in order to have the biggest impact.

Ultimately, we know that consolidating knowledge at home and finding time to develop this self-quizzing and knowledge retention into habit is the best way to achieve long term success. Therefore, we will look to including self-quizzing as students’ home learning tasks in the longer term.

The aim of this process is to encourage positive habit forming and improve students’ knowledge retention, ultimately closing gaps in their understanding.

We will support them every step of the way. We will be looking to collate feedback on this process over the course of the next term. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Academy via the Office.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Rachel Wellfair

Assistant Headteacher