Released On 21st May 2021

Headteacher Letter Friday 21 May

21 May 2021

Dear Parent

As we come towards the end of another half term, I find myself reflecting on what a busy term we have already had. My first year at Stanchester Academy has flown by and I continue to feel so proud of what we have achieved as a community. 

I feel especially proud of our current Year 11 cohort. Our wonderful Year 11 students leave us on Wednesday 26 May and have been a true credit to this school over the last five years. They have worked incredibly hard in complex and challenging national circumstances and I couldn’t be prouder of their resilience. The last day of term is an important event for these young people and I hope you will join me in wishing them the very best and brightest futures. We look forward to continuing our work with them as they settle into college and life beyond.

Curriculum Development

Character development underpins everything we do at Stanchester Academy and is a real passion of the senior and middle leadership teams. After consultation with the school leaders and some senior students, we have made the decision to move away from The 6 C's following the concensus that character education is broader than six terms and needs to underpin all of our daily actions.

We will continue to support charity events at the school in the future and will also be introducing a greater focus on world events and cultural awareness. Students will learn about black history, tolerance, respect and discrimination alongside our curriculum provision to ensure that our young people have knowledge and understanding of the wider community within the UK.

An impressive strength of the Academy lies in both the teaching of and the student interest in Spanish as a modern foreign language. Following the increased interest in Spanish over the last three years, we have decided to focus on this language only for new students joining the Academy from September 2021.

Site Improvement

This year we have invested a huge amount of time, money and thought into improving our school site. We are looking to take the opportunity to make a feature of the disused school Library space, the LRC. The library has not been in action since January 2020 and yet this space has great potential. We have decided to pull together the HUB (Special Educational Needs base) and the library space to centralise and improve this provision and return this space to a useable flexible space where students can come to both read and learn. The SEND team are working on a new name and layout for this space with adaptable screening, more comfortable seating and new accessible shelving. In a section of the library space we have added 30 state of the art PCs so that students can access e-books, complete their reading quizzes and conduct research.

There are a number of very old books in the library and, as a passionate reader and advocate for students reading, I am loathed to get rid of these, but we are happy to donate some of these unwanted titles to local charities. Please let us know if any of these books could be of use to you. Most books will remain in the library space with some subject specific books returning to classrooms.

As part of our mission to help every child love reading, we are investing £10,000.00 in replenishing our books at school. Many of these will be used as part of our ‘Drop and Read’ books which are enjoyed during tutor time in the morning. I am really looking forward to September and seeing this space fully realised. I am sure Mr Belcher would be delighted to hear your name recommendations for this new space!

This summer is going to be incredibly busy behind the scenes, we have three sets of contractors on site completing renovations of both West and East Block as well as modernising the main block of the school and working on the aforementioned LRC. I am looking forward to welcoming you back into the Academy for tours and visits next year and sharing with you these new spaces.

Staffing Update

We are delighted to announce we have internally appointed Mr Mitchell to be our new Assistant Headteacher and he will start with us after half term. Mr Mitchell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Academy and is really looking forward to joining the Senior Team.

This term we say goodbye to two colleagues, Mr Jenkins who has done a brilliant job of covering for Miss Burrow while on Maternity leave and Mr MacKay who is returning to his former role. Thank you for your hard work over the last few terms. We also temporarily say goodbye and good luck to two wonderful colleagues: Mrs Eales and Mrs Roca who are finishing at half term to each start their own maternity leave.

Yours sincerely

Miss E Forward