Released On 1st Oct 2021

Headteacher Letter Friday 1 October

1 October 2021

Dear Parent

It has been lovely bringing families back on the site this week so that they can experience Stanchester ‘in action’. 

We recently had a full day review by four external visitors as part of the Trust-wide school improvement model ‘Growing Great Schools’.  In planning this visit, leadership colleagues worked with the central team to ensure that students were seen in a range of subjects across all five year groups and most of the teaching body were observed. 

To ensure that we heard from a range of stakeholders, student voice and also conversations with staff were used to build a clear picture for the Headteacher and Leadership Team.  These were all an important part of the programme and a wide range of students contributed to the student voice panels. 

We agreed the focus of the visit would be ‘to what degree is the following statement true’ - Every child has purpose, comes prepared and is proud’. The draft report contains the following feedback from student voice:

  • Across a range of year groups, students spoke about the warmth of their teachers, that school is a place to prepare you for your future and that knowledge matters.
  • When asked, the vast majority of students said that they would recommend the school to their friends.
  • Year 7 students are proud to be at Stanchester and show enthusiasm both in and out of lessons.
  • Students’ perceptions are that they are being prepared well for their assessments and exams and Key Stage 4 students felt particularly supported by the online platforms used by their teachers’.

We look forward to publishing the full report on our website soon, so that you, as parents can see what our strengths are and the areas we are continuing to develop.

Year 7 students have been working hard this week on their assessments and next week, on Wednesday 6 October, there is a ‘meet the tutor’ evening where parents have the opportunity to make an appointment for a video call with their child’s tutor. Information about how to make your appointment has been emailed to parents this week.

Following our previous letters regarding school shoes, we have seen a vast improvement in uniform standards across all year groups.  Our students are looking smart, ready to learn and are a credit to the school and wider community. 

Students who take pride in their appearance, take pride in their learning and this pride is reflected in how students are coming to school prepared to learn.  We have seen a marked rise in how organised our young people are and we are looking forward to showing you how ‘ready to learn’ we are on our forthcoming Open Day.

This week has also seen further updates to our extra-curricular activities at Stanchester Academy. The fantastic school choir, made up of over sixty students, have been singing harmoniously and are sounding fantastic. Rehearsals (which are progressing brilliantly) are underway for the school production of Aladdin.

Music lessons (including tuition in drums, keyboard and guitar) have begun, sporting fixtures are about to start up again and we cannot wait to see Stanchester participating and winning on the sports field. Science club and revision sessions for students who study Spanish are also accessible to students. We have also had a library full of students every morning this week accessing home learning workshops, what a delight!

I am sure you will agree that all these activities add to the variety and enrichment of the student experience at our school.

We will be sharing with Year 11 parents a separate letter in the coming days regarding some information about Careers.  From this coming week, Clare Lewis (the trust careers lead) will be visiting Stanchester every Wednesday to conduct interviews with students and begin the post-16 transition process.  We will also have careers advisors visiting the school to support our students on their educational journeys. Please refer to the letter from Mr Mitchell for more information about this.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely

Miss Ellie Forward