Released On 26th Feb 2021

GCSE Summer 2021 Grading Information

26 February 2021

Dear Year 11 parents and carers

GCSE Grades Summer 2021

Yesterday the results of the decisions on how GCSE grades will be determined in summer 2021 was published. The decisions are as follows: students’ performance will be determined alongside a broad range of evidence from taught content and assessments to ascertain the grade each student should receive. This will be based on what our students know, understand and can do.

There have been assurances that this year it will be no easier or harder for a student to achieve a particular grade compared to previous years and that there will be additional support from the exam boards which will include mark schemes, data, exemplar materials and advice on marking and grading. There will also be quality assurance processes which will uphold robust systems for teacher assessments. The decision has been taken that students will receive their GCSE grades earlier this year on Thursday 12 August.

In order to support this process, we are planning to run a series of mock examinations on the content students have learnt when they return. These will begin on Monday 22 March, allowing students two weeks to return to our normal routines and expectations. The exams will run for nine days, in exactly the same way as they were planned to before we went into lockdown. Mock examinations are one of the most reliable ways of collecting realistic data and will sit alongside the work they have been doing over the last 18 months to help us make informed decisions.

We are very keen for this process to be rigorous, transparent and data informed. Students will sit an exam in all of their (non-coursework) GCSE subjects. This will enable us to determine a very reliable understanding of where they are at and will enable us to close any remaining gaps in their previously taught knowledge over the next few months, thus ensuring our data is reliable. Many of our year 11 students have requested the opportunity to put into practice the hard work and dedication they have shown during their remote learning and as a centre we are keen to honour this.

The more help and support you can provide in the build-up to these exams the better prepared our students will be. Ensuring they return to school with the correct examination equipment and have a dedicated place at home where they can revise will provide them with the tool kit they will need in order to be successful. We strongly encourage students to maximise their time in the morning raising attainment sessions and attending the evening Get Ahead sessions afterschool which will focus on key content taught.

You can find the link for the document on the decisions on how GCSE, AS and A level  grades will be determined in summer 2021 by clicking on this link:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns,

Yours sincerely

Ellie Forward

Deputy Headteacher