Released On 22nd Jul 2021

End of Year Letter

22 July 2021

Dear Parent

End of Year Letter

I find myself at the end of this first term of Headship, amazed at the successes of our school and delighted that we are on this journey together.

I often talk with students about their results. Results matter: they give our young people choices about what they could do next and where they might go. They are the result of hard work and should be recognised. However, at Stanchester Academy we emphasise the importance of educating the whole child, and giving students meaningful enrichment activities. This term we have enjoyed several opportunities to broaden our minds and I know that, when we are more able to do so next year, this will form an important part of each student’s journey through school.

Despite the very best efforts of our dedicated teaching staff, the disruption to our normal timetable, caused by several weeks of track and trace isolation, means we are unable to provide a full set of Year 8 and 9 examination results. Rather than providing families and carers with incomplete reports, we have taken the decision to release these in September allowing staff to complete their marking, moderate papers and calculate current working levels of those repeated assessments taken this week. In the meantime, your child will receive a progress report which outlines their ATL (Attitude to Learning) grading and end of year attendance. 

At the end of last week, we appointed our new Head Boy, Will Smith and Head Girl, Lola Draper alongside an excellent team of Deputy Head Boys and Girls who will help to lead our exceptional senior students into next year and support the senior team in key decisions. I feel immense pride at the ambassadorship the students have displayed in representing Stanchester Academy this term. Recently, numerous visitors to our school have affirmed what we as staff already know: that students at Stanchester Academy are very special, and they are going to go far in life. I extend a thank you to all our students for how they have approached this challenging year with energy, enthusiasm, respect, and humility. I am so proud of each and every one of you. This term has also enabled us to show case some of our exceptional talent through the Aladdin rehearsals and tutor competitions. We are never short of students to celebrate and reward and this week has been no exception as we have delivered over 300 separate rewards for student’s hard work and commitment to their learning.

It was with a heavy heart last week that we had to cancel the long-awaited Year 11 prom alongside many activities we had planned for the end of the academic year. However, we have been able to ensure our socially distanced sports day can go ahead on the last day of term and I kindly remind parents to ensure your child brings water, sunscreen, and a hat to school, as although it is not anticipated to be as hot on Friday the weather is still expected to be warm.

I know the holidays are not easy for those of us who appreciate the routine of school terms; I find it difficult to settle during the long, uncertain weeks away from my team and the school bell. I also know this year has thrown up some challenges that none of us ever expected to face but, through this difficult time, here at Stanchester Academy we have remained a community, all working together to provide the best for our pupils. Though we have faced many uncertainties, one thing I am sure of is that I really do work with the best staff, families and pupils I could have ever dreamed of.

I urge all of our community to use the next few weeks as a chance to truly rest and re-charge. I know that during the first week, I will be spending a lot of time catching up on the reading material that has accumulated on my bedside table and really taking the time to rest. For staff, I must express my sincerest gratitude for your energy and effort this year; you could not be more deserving of a holiday. For pupils, I remind you to make the most of your time away from school by continuing to learn! Go out and spend time in the fresh air; devour some brilliant books; spend time with friends and family and revisit all that glorious knowledge that you have learnt this year. I wish you all a safe summer holiday and I am already excited at the thought of what the next year might hold.

Yours sincerely

Miss E Forward